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4027 N Lecanto Hwy, Beverly Hills , FL 34465

Closed: Sun & Mon

Tue - Sat: 9am - 5:30pm


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We are open 

Tuesday - Saturday from 9am-5:30pm

We sell new and used guns, ammo and firearm accessories.

We buy and trade guns as well as estate gun collections.

Firearm cleaning and repairs.


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Ignite Your Skills: Unleash the Power of Firearms Training

We offer the following training programs:

One-on-One Instruction 

This is a one hour personalized training session at our range.  An instructor will work with you one-on-one for an hour to go over any questions, issues you have with your firearm.   We can address fundamentals such as stance, grip, sight alignment or more advanced skills such as emergency reloading, tactical reloading, off hand shooting,  etc...


Handgun Safety/Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

This course covers basic handgun safety and qualifies for the training requirements needed to apply for the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

During this class you will have the opportunity to shoot numerous guns of different calibers.  If you are in the market for a new gun this is a great way to handle and shoot different guns.

Close Combat/Defensive Handgun Course

This class is designed to introduce to the world of concealed carry.  We have designed drills to help build your skills in self defense using a handgun. 

Advanced Close Combat/Defensive Handgun Course

This class is designed to build on the skills you learned in Close Combat/Defensive Handgun course and introduce more real world scenarios.  

TDTC Steel Challenge

This competition will reinforce the safety and skills we teach in all our classes while adding a level of fun and excitement with other like-minded individuals in friendly competition. 

Run N' Gun

This course is a combination of paper and steel targets and is designed to exercises numerous self-defense skills including multiple threat acquisition, right and left-hand shooting, shooting from cover, shooting while moving, tactical magazine changes, safe firearm handling.


Dimlight / Night Fire Handgun

This class is designed to teach you how to use your firearm with a flashlight.


And more!


Current Inventory Includes


Bond Arms Texas Defender 45Colt/410

Springfield 1911 Garrison 9mm

Ruger Mark IV Hunter

EAA Windicator 357mag

Ruger LC 9

Bersa Thunder 380

Ruger Single Six 22lr

Browning Buck Mark 22lr

Glock 43X MOS

Glock 43

Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS

Glock 26

Ruger LCP 380

FN Reflex NMS 9mm

Ruger LC Charger 5.7x28

Ruger LCP II 22lr

S&W Bodyguard 380

S&W Shield 9mm

S&W Shield 45acp

Sig Saur P365 9mm

Sig Saur P365 380

Sig Saur P365 XL 

Taurus TX 22 C

Taurus G4X Carry

Taurus G4X

NAA Mini Revolver 22lr & 22Mag

Long Guns

Ithaca Model 51 12ga

Aero Complete Lower 9mm

Aero Complete Lower 556/223

Ithaca Featherweight 20ga

Spikes Tactical Complete Upper 9mm

Mossberg Trophy 30-06 with Scope

Mossberg 510 Super Bantam 20ga

Mossberg 510 Super Bantam 410

Savage A22 22lr

Savage Model 64  22lr

Savage 111 .243

Savage Axis .243

Sig Saur M400 223/556


Springfield M1A Scout Squad

Mossberg 510 20ga Camo Shotgun

Mossberg 835 Ulti Mag 12ga

Mossberg 835 Mossy Oak 12 ga

Mossberg 590 20ga

Mossberg 88 Security 12ga

Ruger 10/22 Carbine

Ruger LC Carbine 5.7x28

Ruger 10/22 Backpacker 22lr

Radical Arms AR 15


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